Leftists Scream Racial Profiling After Police Shoot Black Teen. Then The Video Comes Out.

NewImageThis is tragic for many reasons. 

I’m glad that the police are pushing back against BLM and showing the raw footage of what actually happens in these cases. 

On Sunday, a 17-year-old black teen was shot to death by North Little Rock Police Department (NLRPD) officers, prompting precipitous reactions from people that resorted to attacking the police before the evidence was in.

One problem: the teenager in question, Charles Smith Jr., 17, who was a passenger in a car pulled over for a routine traffic stop, had already pulled out a handgun and fired, and the incident was caught on dashcam footage in a video.

Yet Smith’s brother, 21-year-old Juwaun Jordan, who said he was one of the occupants in the vehicle, told KATV that officers shot arbitrarily, asserting, “They just pulled up, told us to get out, tussled with him, and they shot him and killed him.” He alleged Smith did not resist the officers and did not carry a gun, adding, “[The officer] just shot him five times. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t do nothing. He had three officers on top of him, so how was he moving?”

Here’s the transcript of the video. 

Chief Davis stated, “As officers continued to pat him down, Smith attempted to gain control of a handgun and flee, at which time he was taken to the ground.”

The officer and Smith tumble to the ground, winding up near the feet of the driver and other passenger. Smith says. “I can’t go to jail.” The officer yells, “Get your f*****g hand out! It’s a f*****g gun!”

As the officers struggle to hold Smith down, they tase him, but as Sgt. Brian Dedrick told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Smith did not stop struggling.

Smith can be seen on the video firing his handgun; the bullet nearly hit the other two occupants of the car.

Davis said, “[Smith] is then observed engaging the slide back on the gun and again firing at officers, almost striking one officer in the face.”

Three officers then opened fire; Smith died at the scene.

“No officer wants to be put in this position, but these officers were left with no other choice but to protect their lives and return fire,” Chief Davis said.

Warning: graphic violence in this video. #BlueLivesMatter

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