Latah County GOP Meeting Minutes 23 Aug 2016

Latah County GOP Meeting

Regional Headquarters 175 S Main Street in Moscow

23 Aug 2016


Opened with the pledge & prayer. 

Tanner Beymer, District 5 Field Director. 

Open 1200-2000 Mon-Sat. 

Staffing the field office. Hiring 2 interns from UI to assist. One will be communications intern. 2nd is a research & political intern. Working on Dan Schmidt’s legislative voting history. 

10 tablets will be used as phones. 

Handout campaign signs to walk-ins. 

Social events: Friday night flicks. Encourage known Republican to vote absentee. There are early polling numbers (which registered republicans voted; not for whom). 

Steve Yakets is the Chair of the Idaho Republican Party. 

Voter Interaction Strategy: 

  • talking to friends & neighbors
  • engaging the residents of your precincts
  • Door knocking
  • Phone banking
    • 20 interactions per day — could cover precinct in 3 weeks. You can connect with your voters. 
    • 3 touch points with each over before election day. Hard to do with only 77 days left. 


Lots of resources available to us. 

1:4 — they voted in only 1 in the last 4 election. Don’t focus on these. 

4:4 — they vote all the time. Don’t spend resources on them. 

It’s the 2:4 and 3:4’s that we want to target. 

If you are unaffiliated, you can see if you lean Republican. And for Republicans, are you strong/median/weak republicans. This district that has lots of “weak Republicans.” 

The target demographic is 2:4, 3:4, hard Republicans and “leans Republican.” Our registered Republicans outnumber Dems in Latah County 2.5 to 1. 


Introduced smartphone app for Republicans: “GeoConnect Pro”. 

Walkbook will have 50 residences. The app tracks my location and gives you a script of talking points. Transmits their answers back to the Republican’s database. 

5 minutes per interaction per household. Between 6pm-7:30. Not after 8pm. And anytime on Saturdays. 

Door-knocking, phone-banking, etc. 

What about Trump? We support the national Republican candidates. 

Would like 2 people here at all times. 

The Dems have had full-time staff for 3 months and have been in their office for the last 2 months. 


Pulled up Latah County GOP website. 

  1. Mr. Skiles. 
  2. Helping Carl: door-walkers, callers. Cannot outspend Paulette Jordan, but can out-organize. 
  3. Caroline Troy: 
  4. Dan Foreman: making lots of connections. Great responses in Benewah county. City Counsel meetings. Went to Potlatch city council meeting. Lots of discussion about moral values: faith, religion, moral values. 


Latah County Fair is a good time to get out the vote. 


Reviewed the minutes from last month. Passed with corrections. 


Free Friday Flicks starts on 26 Aug. 


16 Sept is the Latah County Fair. Lots of encouragement to be at the fair. 


American Trivia & Trivia Wheel.