John Freeland Letter to the Editor

In the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

One of the most annoying things to ever happen in my life is the fact that I made promises not to comment on what exactly went down in the 24 hours between when I was saying that there was no way that I was going anywhere (Daily News, June 7), and then proceeding to withdraw as the Republican candidate in the Idaho 5th Legislative District Senate race (Daily News, June 8), and offering no comment. You see, in politics deals are made, strategies are formed and conversations are had, all behind closed doors.

What I can tell all of you is that I won, though that might not yet make sense. I am patiently waiting till the day after the November elections, when I can once again comment on what is going on in the District 5 Republican world. Until then, my mouth is shut and will remain so. But I felt it important to say that the victory is mine, and that I will be back to run again, stronger than ever before.

John Freeland