Ind. Mother Fatally Shot In Argument Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Vs. ‘Black Lives Matter’


An Indiana mother was fatally shot in an altercation with Black Lives Matter protesters. 24-year-old Jessica Whitaker was killed in Indianapolis earlier this month.

Whitaker’s family claimed the shooting happened amid an argument between her friends and another group of people over the usage of ‘All Lives Matter’ as opposed to Black Lives Matter.

Things then reportedly escalated when somebody in Whitaker’s group used a racial slur. That’s when someone from the opposing group pulled a gun, which prompted Whitaker’s fiancée — Jose Ramirez — to do the same. Ramirez said he returned fire, but didn’t hit anyone.

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Jessica Doty Whitaker:Was murdered for simply saying “All Lives Matter”.She was a mother, a daughter a human being.BLM likes to think they are completing the work of Martin Luther King Jr.Sorry to say the great reverend King would have never condoned this.RT for Jessica

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