Idaho SAT scores released

Via Idaho Ed News

Students taking the exam in April posted an average score of 511 on the reading and writing portion of the test, the State Department of Education said Tuesday. That average score — just above the midpoint on a section with a scoring range from 200 to 800 — means that 62 percent of test-takers met the exam’s college- and career-readiness benchmark.

The math scores were lower — as once again, Idaho students posted middling marks on a math standardized test. The average math score came in at 491, with only 35 percent of students hitting the college-readiness benchmark.

 Of interest to me is the results of the charter schools over and above the generic government schools:

The state’s five top average SAT scores, by school: Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy (1,285 composite score); Renaissance High School, Meridian (1,194); Sage International School, Boise (1,143); North Star Charter School, Eagle (1,138); Idaho Distance Education Academy, Deary (1,138). 

Even the Idaho Distance Academy does better than the standard government school!