Idaho House Passes Drag Show Bill

5c9ea1d5e29b1 imageBills get bumped to front of the line on House calendar

BOISE — The Idaho House of Representatives on Tuesday passed drag show and abortion trafficking bills, moving the legislation ahead of several budget bills on the calendar.

Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa, sponsored the “drag show bill,” HB 265, which requires reasonable steps to prevent minors from attending sexually explicit performances and creates a civil penalty. The House voted 48-21 to pass the legislation.

Crane said it wouldn’t prevent drag shows or other sexually explicit performances from occurring but would bar minors from attending. He refused to answer questions during debate on the bill, because “this is such an obvious issue.”

“If you agree with me, and you believe that our children should not be exposed to sexually explicit drag shows, I’d ask for your green light,” Crane said to close debate.

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