Idaho Capitol Alight with Rainbow Hues for Boise Pridefest

Rainbowlights hanknystrom t810

Via Betsy Russell’s An Eye on Boise:

Idaho’s state Capitol was illuminated in bright rainbow colors over the weekend for Boise Pridefest, thanks to private sponsors and fundraising that’s still ongoing, as shown in this photo by Hank Nystrom. This came after the state Department of Administration said it couldn’t do it. Here’s what state Rep. Melissa Wintrow, D-Boise, posted on Facebook over the weekend about the rainbow lights:

“I just came from the Capitol…as soon as I turned the corner and saw this sight, I couldn’t stop smiling. I saw families, couples, friends, parents, and neighbors just hanging out on the grass, looking at our beautiful Capitol illuminated in rainbow colors. Many people have worked hard to make this happen. They didn’t take the Dept of Administration’s NO for an answer. They got creative. They got a sponsor. And when they weren’t allowed to use the power outlets from the Statehouse, THEY USED THEIR OWN POWER to make it happen. That spirit is just what we need to remind us that we will not take NO for an answer when conservative GOP officials try to shut us in darkness. Our perseverance, our truth, our beauty will shine brightly!”

The annual Pridefest drew huge crowds, amid stepped-up security after the Orlando shootings. It included a rally on the state Capitol steps, a parade, and a festival with booths and music in Capitol Park on Saturday, culminating a week of events.