Groups File Suit To Block New Washington Charter Schools Law

They are blocking positive educational options because they are “for the kids”. Uh-huh. Follow the money into the pockets of the teacher unions…

Teachers unions, parents and other groups filed a lawsuit Wednesday over Washington’s new charter school law, a measure that was enacted last spring after the state Supreme Court struck down the old law.

The organizations say the Legislature’s effort to revive charter schools after the 2015 court decision didn’t actually fix the problem cited by the justices: Public dollars needed for traditional public schools are still being diverted to alternative, nonprofit charter schools over which voters have no control, in violation of the Washington Constitution.

Diverting millions of dollars to charter schools also hinders the state’s efforts to comply with the court’s 2012 McCleary decision, which ordered the state to boost education spending, the lawsuit claims.

“Instead of passing unconstitutional charter school laws, we believe the Legislature should focus on its paramount duty – fully funding K-12 basic education for all of our state’s 1.1 million students, no matter where they live,” Kim Mead, president of the Washington Education Association, said in a news release announcing the lawsuit.

If they really cared about the kids and their education, they would do everything possible to remove the government monopoly on education.