Gov. Brad Little: Idaho is least-regulated state in U.S.

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Another reason why Idaho is an amazing place to live. 

Governor removed or simplified 75 percent of administrative rules this year

BOISE — Idaho is the least-regulated state in the U.S., Gov. Brad Little said Wednesday.

The Republican governor said he’s cut or simplified 75 percent of Idaho’s administrative rules this year and leapfrogged ahead of South Dakota as the least-regulated state.

State officials said they base the state’s least-regulated status on information collected by George Mason University.
Little said he’s eliminated more than 30,000 restrictions and about 1,800 pages of regulations.

Little had sweeping authority to eliminate thousands of rules after state lawmakers fought over the administrative rules process and failed to renew them before adjourning in April. Little said the cuts to regulations will help the economy.

“Folks, when you reduce friction on entrepreneurs, good-paying jobs will follow,” the governor declared.

The rules touch on nearly every aspect of daily life. They include such things as protecting consumers, homeowners, the environment and school children. They range from hunting and fishing licenses and seasons to licensing for health care professionals and construction contractors. They are mostly products of the state’s obscure, but important, negotiated rule-making process that involves public participation.

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