Girl with Down syndrome totally proves doctors wrong, becomes champion gymnast and model


These are the kinds of kids that liberals argue should be murdered before they are born. 

Doctors said Chelsea Werner would always have low muscle tone because she was born with Down syndrome. But as a gymnast who has won the Special Olympics national championship four times and now competes with USA Gymnastics, she has totally proved them wrong.

A new Facebook video from the page “The Power of Positivity” highlights Chelsea’s athletic successes and some of her coolest gymnastics moves. Chelsea has earned the “WORLD” title at the Down Syndrome International World Championship and has traveled around the world.

Chelsea is also a model who has participated in New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Chelsea Werner is also a model.

She has more than 100,000 instagram followers and has been featured in SELF magazine and on USA Today.

Follow her Facebook pagehere for photos and videos of this inspiring young woman. Like Madeline Stuart, she is shattering stereotypes about people with Down syndrome by following her dreams and not letting anything get in the way.

9 thoughts on “Girl with Down syndrome totally proves doctors wrong, becomes champion gymnast and model

  1. “These are the kinds of kids that liberals argue should be murdered before they are born.” Oh bullshit. Liberals say that it’s the woman’s choice. And quite a number of women would find it unethical to bring a child into the world that isn’t whole and healthy. By the way, how many Down’s Syndrome babies have you adopted? If the answer is ‘zero’ then you don’t have any leg to stand on to criticize others on this topic.

    • Your argument is “I should be able to harm someone unless you aid me in some way”. That’s moronic.

      If I forbid somebody from stealing my neighbor’s car, am I therefore obligated to let the would-be thief borrow my own?

      You want to rethink that line of reasoning.

      • Your line of reasoning is flawed. You have no skin in the game, it’s not your situation, you should simply stay out of it. Abortion is legal and there’s no going back. The fact that abortion is legal and coupled with the fact that this girl was not aborted, shows the system works fine.

      • My point is the same as the Judge’s. Termination of a pregnancy “solely and exclusively the woman’s decision”. Since the 14th Amendment nullified the Dred Scott decision, you don’t have too much to worry about, right? Since some future Amendment will supposedly ban abortion in all cases and thus end it nationwide?? Maybe you ought to rethink your line of reasoning since you have no clue that no ban has withstood the test of time. People simply don’t want to be controlled. Especially by the government.

        • We will look back on the last 40+ years the same way we look back now on the Dred Scott decision:

          choosing murder over convenience isn’t a “choice”.

          • Two months from now, you’ll be able to update this to “We’ll look back on the last 45+ years…” Reality is that banning abortion is as likely as banning guns, gay marriage, inter-racial marriage, alcohol, etc. Ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

          • Alchohol isn’t murder. Interracial marriage isn’t murder. Homosexual marriage isn’t murder. Owning guns isn’t murder.

            Abortion is murder.

            Categorical difference.

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