Teen Vogue Columnist Claims She’s ‘Not Concerned’ If Men Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Harassment


Emily Lindin says it’s all in the service of dismantling the “Patriarchy,” whether the allegations are true or not. 

As a deluge of sexual harassment claims washes over Hollywood, the entertainment and media industries, the concern remains that innocent men will suffer as a result of false accusations of impropriety. The great tragedy of revealing an underground network of abusers is that all allegations will lose credibility if any actors, writers, or journalists are hit with false claims of sexual misbehavior.

But according to Teen Vogue columnist and “The UnSlut Project” founder, radical feminist Emily Lindin, a couple of falsely accused men who end up being harshly punished for harassment they didn’t commit is just a price that has to be paid in the service of dismantling the oppressive Patriarchy.

In a series of tweets published Tuesday, Lindin laid bare her case for alleging basically every guy in America is an unabashed sexual harasser.


Via DW