Gallup: 5 Things to Know About Evangelicals in America

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Here are five insights that Gallup research reveals about this often-cited but not necessarily clearly understood group of Americans.

  1. There has been little change in the percentage of Americans who identify as “born-again or evangelical” over the past 27 years.
  2. There have been shifts in other religious indicators over this same period, even as the born-again/evangelical population has remained generally constant.
  3. The born-again/evangelical population in this country is highest among blacks, who are overall the most religious racial and ethnic group in the U.S.
  4. Non-Hispanic whites who identify as born-again or evangelical have been and continue to be more likely to have Republican inclinations.
  5. A significantly smaller percentage of Americans identify as “an evangelical” than identify as “born-again or evangelical.”


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5 Things to Know About Evangelicals in America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — There are many contemporary references to “evangelicals” in the context of the current American political scene. This is not new. I co-authored (with Stuart Rothenberg) a book aptly called The Evangelical Voter during the Reagan presidency more than 30 years ago, focusing on this group of voters and their impact on politics.