French Halal Shop Forced to Close For Not Serving Pork


I told Scott that this was going to happen. He said “never” since they didn’t serve pork or alcohol to begin with. And, yet, here we are. 

A French halal food shop has been forced to close down for not selling pork and alcoholic beverages.

The Good Price mini-market in the town of Colombes is owned by a public rent control organization (called an HLM office) run by the city of Colombes and its mayor, Nicole Gueta. It was rented by a shopkeeper who stocked it with almost exclusively halal products, prompting a lawsuit.

“This is a case that may seem unique but is still quite simple,” the lawyer for the HLM office François Meyer told Breitbart. “Colombes gave a lease to the company Good Price and, in the clauses of the lease, is inserted a mention for this business to be a general shop.”

According to them, a general food shop includes selling alcohol and pork products. Lawyers for the Good Price mini-market argued that alcohol “is not part of the general diet. It is called compliment, so there are no obligations.”

The court agreed with the city of Colombes. Good Price has been ordered to shut down and to pay 4,000 euros for legal fees.

The case is highlights several complex aspects in the debate over integration and Islamism. The first is the legal aspect, the second is societal and the third is interpersonal.

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  1. I stand corrected! Although, this is in France, not the US. It won’t happen in the US unless the shop is not selling pork to customers who are (gasp!) homosexual, but selling it to non-homosexuals. If you’re going to try and draw parallel to bakers, florist, and photographers, make sure it’s apples to apples otherwise it has not chance in persuading the Supreme Court. If the decision goes in favor to the baker, you can credit me for jinking the entire case.

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