Trump Admin. Opposes Mandatory Union Fees in High Court Case


This used to be a free country. How can you force someone to join a union and pay fees? How can you force someone to bake a cake for you? 

And here I thought slavery was abolished 150 years ago. 

The Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to allow non-union workers in the public sector to refuse paying union fees.

The White House agrees with the DOJ on a case against unions brought by an Illinois non-union government employee.

The plaintiff claims “collective bargaining” fees violate free-speech rights of non-union workers.

This reverses the previous administration’s stance on unions.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco said the Supreme Court should overturn a 1977 ruling allowing public sector unions in 22 states to demand fees from non-union workers.

Francisco said the rule forces these employees to back unions that might not push for their priorities.