Forming a new state in E. Wash. not likely

Two local lawmakers are proposing a bill that would separate Washington State, and form a new state called “Liberty east of the mountains.

That bill was proposed by state representatives Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin. For many, forming a new state sounds like a good idea.

“The opinions politically are so different, like, so drastically different on either side of the mountains, so I guess it makes sense,” said Washington resident Meggie Tennesen.

But, to make it actually happen wouldn’t be so simple.

“I could think of a thousand ways where this could just go nowhere,” said Michael Treleaven, a political science associate professor at Gonzaga University.

In his proposal, Shea says the cultures and lifestyles are so drastically different in the west and east sides of our state, that Washington needs to separate.

“I always find it fascinating that this resurfaces from time to time, but, no, I wouldn’t support it and don’t even think it’s a realistic possibility,” said Washington resident Monte Huntsman.