Flooding potential next week with major warmup in the forecast


A major warmup in the forecast for next week means the possibility of flooding on the Palouse.  The long range forecast from the National Weather Service in Spokane shows that warm moist air will begin slamming the Inland Northwest on Monday.  The high temperature for Wednesday the 18th is predicted to hit 45 degrees in Pullman with the lows staying above freezing.  Some modeling shows wind gusts to peak at about 35 miles an hour.  The forecast is calling for a couple of inches of rain for the Palouse between Monday and Wednesday.  Forecasters say there is already about 3 inches of water tied up in our current snow pack.  The result is the possibility of small stream and river flooding.  Other threats include urban flooding from storm drains clogged by slush and river ice jams.  This is in stark contrast to our winter so far.  The Pullman Moscow Regional Airport has recorded its coldest average temperature on record between the start of December and this Monday with 23 degrees.  The Inland Northwest also has its deepest snow coverage right now for this time of Winter since 2008.  You can see the entire blog from the NWS detailing the possibility here http://inlandnorthwestweather.blogspot.com/2017/01/much-warmer-weather-is-expected-next.html