EPA’s Own Graph Shows Warmer Periods In The Past, Along With Higher CO2 Levels

Here’s an illustration from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showing 11 cycles of global warming and cooling over the last 800,000 years, over a temp range of 30 degrees.


Notice that CO2 levels have gone up and down just as dramatically as the temperature. The cool eras tend to be much longer, while the warm eras are much shorter, very steep warming curves, followed by very abrupt cooling.

Many of the warming / cooling gradients are nearly vertical, i.e., very fast warming, very fast cooling.

Notice that during the past 450,000 years, there were four eras that were as warm or warmer than now.

Of course, 100 years ago when we invented the motorcar, all the natural causes that caused all these wild swings in CO2 levels and global temperature for the last 800,000 years magically stopped, and now we humans, we’re the one-and-only single cause of whatever global warming, or global cooling, or climate change, ore extreme weather, is happenin’ now!


Via Robert at Ice Age Now