Donald Trump Explains His 8-Point Plan for His First 100 Days as President!

In the final days before Election Day 2016, the Trump campaign is pulling out all of the stops in an effort to win over undecideds, independents, and wary conservatives. Back in June at a rally in New York City, Mr. Trump explained that his candidacy was all about putting America first in our policy decision as he laid out his goals for his first 100-days in office.

He laid out these 8 goals as the issues he would focus on in his first 3 months in office:

In order, Trump outlined his platform:

  1. Appoint judges who will “uphold the Constitution” and protect the Second Amendment.
  2. Change immigration rules that will allow Americans to get “good-paying jobs.”
  3. Stand-up to countries that “cheat on trade.”
  4. “Cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas.”
  5. Lift restrictions on energy production.
  6. “Repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare.”
  7. “Pass massive tax reform to create millions of new jobs and lower taxes for everyone.”
  8. “Impose tough new ethics rules … to the office of Secretary of State.”

Now, with just a couple of weeks left in the race, the Trump team has set out to remind the voters that he is the only candidate in the race who proudly trumpets an “America First” platform, though his top priorities for his first 100 days has shifted a bit.