Don King uses the N-word while introducing Donald Trump in a church


If you’re black, using the n-word is fine. It’s as if liberals have never listened to a rap song or HipHop lyrics before. 

The real question is why it’s ok for one race to use a word and it’s off-limits for another race to use it (not that I’m defending use of that word by anyone). 

Boxing promoter Don King was introducing Donald Trump at a rally in a Cleveland church Wednesday when he said a racial slur, seemingly on accident.

King, who has been convicted of manslaughter and since pardoned, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was telling a rally that “black people need Trump.”

The 85-year-old was recounting something he told Michael Jackson about how black people will always be known as black people, whether they’re poor or rich, when he seemed to accidentally use the N-word when he said he meant to use the term “negro.”

“If you’re dancing and sliding and gliding nigg- I mean negro,” King said. “So dare not emulate because you cannot assimilate.”

The full context of the remarks can be read below.

This is an excerpt of Don King’s speech about why he believes black voters should support Trump. He accidentally used the n-word.

According to the Guardian, there was not a discernable negative reaction from the gathered crowd about the racial slur.

Trump said of King, “There’s only one Don King. He’s very rich, he’s very smart, he took advantage of a lot of situations, and I have a lot of respect for that.”