Company ups estimate to 1,800 cases of COVID-19

DownloadYou may recall that back in April, Stanford and USC separately found that coronavirus infections are significantly higher than reported: by 50-85 times in Silicon Valley and by 28-55 times in Los Angeles County.

As of today, Latah County has had 46 confirmed and six probable cases in Latah County. 

Call that 50. 

1800 ÷ 50 = 36

That’s in the range of what USC found in LA county. 

We shouldn’t be surprised. The liberals have been inflating the deadliness of the virus since the start. 

A wastewater epidemiology company now estimates there are 1,800 cases of COVID-19 in Moscow — up from 1,400 estimated cases based on the July 1 sample from the city’s Water Reclamation and Reuse Facility, according to a city news release.

There are 46 confirmed and six probable cases in Latah County, according to Public Health-Idaho North Central District.

Moscow applied for and was accepted to participate in a subsidized program to test for the presence of the coronavirus in wastewater.

Biobot Analytics, a company that studied opioids in wastewater, initiated a program to track COVID-19 in wastewater. Biobot developed a process to identify, replicate and measure the concentration of the viral ribonucleic acid in a given wastewater sample.

Biobot used samples collected May 27 from the Moscow WRRF to estimate 190 cases in the community. That estimate grew to 1,400 using July 1 samples and then rose to 1,800 cases using samples from July 13.