Chocolati chocolate shop in Seattle refused service to two police officers

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Two members of the Seattle Police Department were denied service at a local cafe.

A Seattle police officer and a trainee walked into Chocolati on N. 45th Street in the Wallingford neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 PM looking for a snack. According to their website, “Chocolati was established in the year 2003 with the philosophy of making delightful chocolate confections that were both aesthetically creative and of the highest quality.”

According to sources in SPD with knowledge of the events, the employee behind the register finished serving the customer in front of the officer. The officer then walked up to the register to order. The employee, a white female with green streaks in her hair, ignored the officer.

When the officer got her attention, he asked for a box of chocolates and the employee said, “No, I won’t serve you.”

The officer and the trainee left Chocolati, whose website claims that their “goal is to grow at a steady pace without compromising the quality and the personal attention we give to our customers and to our chocolates.”

The Post Millennial contacted Chocolati for comment and a store employee answered the phone. Upon informing the employee of the purpose of the call, the employee said to The Post Millennial, “Is this how you want to spend your time? Getting essential workers in trouble?”

The employee continued, “Shouldn’t you be spending your time harassing homeless people?”

In response, The Post Millennial suggested leaving a number for the owner or manager, to which the employee responded, “You really want to spend your time getting essential workers in trouble?”

The Post Millennial then said that we would attempt to reach the owner or manager another time. The employee agreed that would be preferable and then added, “…and go F*** yourself.”