Caribbean Hurricanes are Missing – Something is wrong in the Global Warming theory!

Northern Hemisphere hurricane-free for the first time since 1977.

The hurricane season begins officially on June 1st each year and ends on November 1, and corresponds to the time of year when the waters of the Gulf of Mexico have a sufficiently high temperature to generate these storms.

Hurricane_Katrina_August_28_2005_NASAHurricane Katrina 28 Aug 2005 – Image courtesy NASA.

Generally, 10 tropical storms occur on average during a season, of which six become hurricanes.

The most deficient season occurred in 1914, while the maximum frequency occurred in 2005 with 28 tropical storms, of which 15 became hurricanes. This includes Katrina, which struck New Orleans .

Since that year, doomsday predictions have multiplied, warning that hurricanes would be more catastrophic because of Global Warming, making life more dangerous on the US Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The reality is that since 2005 no major hurricane has impacted the US coast, and the average during recent years has been steadily declining.

The average of the last four years is 1 per year against the norm of 2-3  hurricanes of category 3. Also, the number of tropical storms is constantly decreasing.

From January 16 until June 30 there have been no hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest period since 1977, and the second longest from 1950 to present.

The Global Warming predictions wrong.

Source:  Mancano gli Uragani caraibici: qualcosa non va nella teoria del Global Warming! Nord Emisfero privo di Uragani per la prima volta dal 1977!