Black Anti-Sharia Activist Labeled ‘White Supremacist’ by Muslim Women

NewImageWe live in bizarre times. Here we have pro-Sharia Muslims labeling a black woman a “white supremacist.” 

As if they are treating Islam as a religion of race. 

Furthermore, Ali is in the Middle East campaigning against female genital mutilation.

Islamic critic and anti-Sharia law activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has come under fire from a questionable group for speaking out against the barbaric law system — a stance that apparently makes her a “mysoginist.” 

And this is their response to her: 



In a three-minute video bashing Ali for her views, Persons of Interest, an Australian Islamic “social justice” group, now claim Ali’s opinions show “white supremacy.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ali had previously linked Persons of Interest to the radical “Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, which is outlawed in its home nation. This, apparently, has upset the Australian group.

“This is the language of patriarchy and misogyny. This is the language of white supremacy. This is the language used to justify war and genocide,” multiple women state in the group’s video.