A High School Teacher Is In Hot Water Over a ‘Gendered’ Bathroom Pass


Apparently the high schoolers are confused. 

Or at least triggered by it. 

The passes were given out to Mrs. Donna Cravey’s math students on Thursday. The passes have men’s and women’s restroom signs on them, with the words “girls” and “boys” in big, bold letters on each side. On the top, the passes say, “don’t get confused.”

Students KRQE News 13 talked to after school were bothered by the “don’t get confused” text on the passes, interpreting it as a jab at gender identity issues.

“It’s kind of rude,” Lilly Lelugas said. “If you feel like you should go to a certain place, to use the restroom, you should be able to.”

“High school is a place where you’re supposed to find yourself, and what you want to do and where you want to go,” George Martinez said. “It’s just not healthy for students to feel like they can’t be themselves around school.”

“It’s okay to have those kinds of beliefs. It’s okay to have any kinds of beliefs, but you shouldn’t be pushing it on kids like that,” Sebastian Lawrence said.