8 Lessons We Did Not Learn From 9/11

NewImageShireen Qudosi lists 8 significant lessons that the US did not learn from 9/11. 

  1. No pressure was put to penalize the countries whose citizens were directly involved in the attack on 9/11. Majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Yet it’s been business as usual with the Kingdom.
  2. Muslims became the victims. Their main reaction was whether there will be a backlash against them and “Islamophobia” became a buzz word used every time a question was raised about the ideology leading to 9/11.  
  3. This ideology is live and increasing rapidly today. No government effort has been taken to challenge Radical Islam. It’s been left to organizations and individuals to carry out this momentous effort.
  4. Those who do speak out and carry out the effort to expose the radical ideology behind 9/11 are labelled by organizations like The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and called “Muslim haters.”
  5. Political correctness has gone so sour that even on September 11, we are not allowed to discuss the biggest man-made tragedy in the modern world. 
  6. From violent extremism we have moved to non-violent extremism where this ideology is growing by the day. Yet there is no move by world leaders to expose the dangers of non-violent extremism.
  7. We have never discussed whether Islam is responsible for 9/11, or whether it’s Muslims. This discussion would be considered blasphemy. In the current atmosphere we will never be able to have this discussion because it leaves Muslims on the defensive. They forget that religion is an idea that does not have rights and can be critiqued. People have rights.
  8. Those who were born after 9/11 have no idea of what happened on that fateful day and are not taught about the challenges of our times