527 Pages of New Federal Regulations…TODAY!


The Obama Administration added 527 new pages of rules and regulations today. The Federal Register is now 81,640 pages total.

The Obama administration added 527 pages worth of new rules and regulations TODAY! That’s a new single day record.

The Washington Free Beacon brings the bad news:

The Obama administration set a new record Thursday by producing 527 pages worth of new rules and regulations in a single day, bringing the president’s Federal Register up to 81,640 total pages for 2016, the most ever. […]

President Obama owns seven of the ten highest ever federal register page counts.

This is the anaconda that (day-by-day) squeezes the life out of the American economy. The federal government has enmeshed itself into the economic, social, and private lives of everyone. To call this “freedom” is to completely misunderstand what freedom means. It’s authoritarianism and it grows relentlessly.

Take a look of this chart that shows the number of pages of rules and regulations that reside in the Federal Register:


Notice that the increase has occurred during both Republican and Democrat administrations. It’s been a tag-team effort. There is no such thing as a “limited government” party. The above chart screams loud and clear that we have an “unlimited government” that continually expands without mercy.

Will a President Trump weaken the anaconda before total asphyxiation?

It doesn’t look like it. 

It’s important for his supporters to hold his feet to the fire.

Via Ron Paul Institute