Yale Changing Name of Calhoun College Over Slavery Ties While Ignoring Elihu Yale

I’m a fan of Commodore Grace Hopper. But the irony shouldn’t be lost here on anyone: Yale is changing the “Calhoun College” name because of slavery ties; while Elihu Yale (namesake of Yale University) himself had slavery ties. You can bet they aren’t going to change the name of Yale University! 

Yale Renames Calhoun College Over Namesake’s Ties To Slavery And White Supremacy

Yale University announced Saturday that it will change the name of one of its esteemed residential colleges, Calhoun College, named after ardent supporter of slavery and prominent 19 th century alumnus, John C. Calhoun. The vote by the Ivy League’s trustees comes after years of debate and it overturns last April’s decision to keep the name.