Why Kavanaugh Needs to be Confirmed

If Kavanaugh’s voice means overturning this craziness, then he needs to be confirmed immediately. 

Check this out: 

One of the first rulings discussed had to do with the now famous case of a Colorado cake baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. UI Professor of Law Richard Seamon said the case was appealed to the Supreme Court after lower courts ruled against the baker, Jack Phillips. The Supreme Court issued a ruling in early June that declared Phillips was himself the victim of discrimination by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. While the ruling did not give Phillips the right to use discriminatory business practices against same-sex couples, it did overturn the lower courts’ rulings in favor of the couple bringing the suit.

“We probably have not seen the last of cases like the Masterpiece Cakeshop. Indeed it is possible the U.S. Supreme Court has not seen the last of Mr. Phillips,” Seamon said.

Seamon said Phillips is now embroiled in a similar battle with a transgender woman who requested a cake celebrating the anniversary of her transition.

Tell me that they are not targeting this poor guy who just wants to make a living. 

Why don’t they go demand a ham sandwich from a Jewish deli? Or a BLT from a Halal deli? 

2 thoughts on “Why Kavanaugh Needs to be Confirmed”

  1. Simple. If the Jewish deli does not offer ham sandwiches for sale to anyone then what law are they breaking? If, like the cake baker, they offered ham sandwiches to everyone except homosexuals, then they would be in violating of anti-discrimination laws. Same with the BLT.

  2. The Jews & Muslims do not make a BTL sandwich because of their religion.

    The Christian baker does not make a homosexual cake decoration because of his religion.

    Both choose to make or not make for religious reasons.

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