Why Did the FBI Ignore the Warning That the Orlando Shooter Was Not Acting Alone? 

Via CBS News:

The co-owner of a Florida gun store says his employees contacted law enforcement before the Orlando shooting after gunman Omar Mateen attempted to purchase body armor and ammunition.

Robbie Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks, said Thursday his workers had a gut feeling about Mateen when he came to the store four or five weeks ago.

Mateen asked for level 3 body armor, according to Abell, but was told the store didn’t carry it. He then made a phone call and spoke in Arabic before asking for bulk ammunition, but employees did not sell it to him.

Abell told reporters “we contacted FBI direct” after Mateen left the store but he did not elaborate on how investigators responded. He believed his employees did what they should have done, Abell said.

FOX NEWS ALERT: Gun shop owner reported Orlando terrorist after he tried to buy body armor https://t.co/aiAB4d0cYA
— FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) June 17, 2016