Watch City Diversity Meeting Erupt In Chaos As White Males Banned From Speaking

Oak Park Board Of Trustees

Oak Park is 68 percent white, and has no minority people on its board of trustees. But it’s got a diversity statement! A super-woke one!”

Oh, the irony. 

A recent local city government meeting in Oak Park  which lies just outside of Chicago, Illinois  devolved into an angry board member silencing her opponents because they have “been white from birth!” The only thing is that trustee Susan Buchanan, who refused to let anyone else speak on the question of rewriting the town’s diversity statement, is herself white.

Buchanan yelled for others to “shut up” concerning the resolution, and wouldn’t let any other town government leader so much as utter a word: “Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression? You’ve never experienced one, so shut up! I don’t want to hear from you!”

Tom Elliott on Twitter

Clip of the Day: Oak Park, Ill. town trustee Susan Buchanan lambastes her colleagues for discussing updating the town’s diversity statement while being white.

“You stop it, you are a white male! You stop it! You are a white male! Your skin is light enough!” she shouted while pointing her finger at a fellow council member trying to speak.

A local Chicago news report described the chaotic scene where it appeared Buchanan had a melt-down attempting to silence any “white male” who might offer an opinion on the new resolution before the council:

“Oak Park has a place for everybody,” said Trustee Susan Buchanan.

But a Monday night a discussion on rewriting the village’s diversity statement got heated over some specific words. Those words were: “We work to break down systems of oppression.”

“I hesitate to send the message to our police department that they are a system of oppression,” Moroney said in the meeting.

Moroney clearly frustrated Buchanan.

“You have been white from birth! Why are you arguing, what is a system of oppression? You have never experienced one!” Buchanan said.

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