Washington’s first ever open to the public teachers union contract talks aren’t set to continue until a week before school

Read this carefully. From KQQQ: 

Washington’s first ever open to the public contract talks between a school district and it’s teachers union aren’t set to continue until a week before school starts. The Pullman School District and its teachers union were scheduled to negotiate in public for the 3rd time today. That session has been delayed to August 23rd. Pullman Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Maxwell says the union asked to delay the contract talks because they weren’t ready to proceed. Doctor Maxwell notes that it is not unusual for contract talks to run into August. If a deal isn’t struck by the first day of school, the union will continue working under the old agreement which has happened before.

Earlier this year the Pullman School Board voted to become the first district in the state to open union contract talks to the public. Dr. Maxwell believes that the public’s presence at the sessions hasn’t slowed down the process. He also notes that both sides are now working to schedule a bargaining session next month.

It’s like they already forgot what happened at the first meeting. 

Washington’s first ever teachers union bargaining session: Union Walks Out over the Press’ Recording

This is worth reading. Just remember: if it were really about the kids, this would never happen. Via : Despite the Pullman School Board’s decision to make collective bargaining compliant with the state’s open public meetings act, Tuesday’s meeting did restrict the freedom of the press.

I would argue that the union’s walking out because the media was recording the public events is slowing down the process.