Washington State Senators POed at global warming skeptic – Video


“Don’t convince us with facts, our minds are made up!”

A presentation by Tony Heller on Tuesday in the Washington State Senate drew fierce criticism from Democrats who warned that the briefing would be a misuse of government time.

Just watch the first 10 minutes. The facts Tony presents is enough to give the global warming Apocalypticism conniption fits.  

Heller — who blogs under the pseudonym Steven Goddard — addressed an environmental committee run by state Sen. Doug Ericksen, a Republican from Ferndale, Washington, who is temporarily leading communications at the EPA for the Trump administration.

Heller claims that government agencies are manipulating climate data to further a false narrative.

Global warming is the biggest fraud in science,” says Heller on his blog. “The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie.

An article about the Heller brouhaha published on Monday in The (Tacoma) News Tribune (link below) goes on to enthuse about the so-called “97 percent consensus.” (So much for unbiased reporting.)

Via Ice Age Now