Vostok ice cores prove that CO2 was not the driver

You need three things to demonstrate causality: 

  1. Correlation
  2. Time Sequence
  3. Rule Out Other Possible Explanations. 

The AGW crowd has waved their hands over #2 and #3 since the beginning. 

Take a careful look at this graph. You will see that CO2 is in red and temperatures are in black. The temperature rises and falls before CO2 does. That means that CO2 cannot be causing temperature change. In fact, it could be just the opposite: temperatures change causes CO2 to change! 

CO2 changes come AFTER the temperature changes.

“While the CO2 and temperature go up – somewhat – together,  when the temperature plummets after each peak, the CO2 stays high!” says reader Jimmy Walter.

“If CO2 were the driver, the temperature could not drop!”

Via Dr. Roy Spencer