Video of the day: Government bureaucracy

Brilliant video above on a “secret glimpse at life inside a bureaucracy” as Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute describes it on his blog (the video has more than 2 million views on YouTube ), about an unfortunate woman trying to get a permit from a churlish and unhelpful bureaucrat at a government agency – you may have met people like this at the Department of Motor Vehicles or some other government office.

Here are some comments from Dan:

Very well done, I think you’ll agree. I especially like the subtle features of the video, such as the bureaucrat’s competitive desire to show his coworker that he won’t let a mere citizen prevail. And the part at the end showing the disappointment by all the bureaucrats also was a good touch. Sadly, the story in the video isn’t just satire.

First, there are many absurd rules that require people to get permission from bureaucrats in order to work. All those laws and rules should be repealed. If consumers value certification and training, that can be handled by the private sector.

Second, it does seem as if bureaucrats relish the opportunity to torment taxpayers. I recall having to make four trips to the DMV when helping my oldest kid get his learner’s permit. Each time, I was told an additional bit of paperwork that was required, but at no point was I told all the forms and paperwork needed. Hence I had the pleasure of waiting in lines over and over again.

Via Mark J. Perry