UK’s Guardian: So you want to get out of your bubble: try reading these conservative websites


The UK’s Guardian lists a handful of websites that liberals should start reading if they want to get outside their bubble and understand how Trump won (and what to do about it).

Just like Brexit: the fact that the progressives didn’t see it coming shows how ignorant (and uneducated) they really are. 

Herein lies the problem: many of us now live in “filter bubbles” wherein social media algorithms tend to feed us only those perspectives that we already agree with. Let’s assume, then, that all of us, including progressives, do need to broaden our horizons, and seek out more views that differ from ours.

The first thing to say is that it’s still possible to be selective. No one really needs to listen to Alex Jones for four hours a day, and some conservative sites really are nests of unreconstructed conspiracy theory and bigotry. And it’s also permissible to approach rightwing sites critically, knowing there are certain arguments, and certain writers, that we will never agree with. In fact, it might be the chance to sharpen our own arguments as we encounter things we can’t stomach.

Here’s their list: 

  1. Reason Magazine
  2. The American Conservative
  3. Faith-based publications
    1. America Magazine
    2. The Tablet