UK Met Office “loses” 300 year database, uses noise to generate *hottest ever* spam headline

Messing with the historical data again. You gotta do that when you rely on your models to provide truth instead of your data. 

This from JoNova

According to the Met Office:

Britain has enjoyed its sunniest and warmest May since records began in 1929, provisional figures show…”

The average daytime maximum temperature was 62.6F (17.0C), just beating the previous all-time high of 62.4F (16.9C) set in May 1992.

However not-so-provisional, long known and well studied records show that this May was just like a lot of other Mays. So far, this controversial and unexpected result has not been reported.

The Met Office appear to have lost the worlds oldest and longest temperature dataset. Luckily unfunded blogger, Paul Homewood of Notalotofpeopleknowthat, kept a copy of the historic Central England Temperature record on a spare USB stick and spotted that this May in England really wasn’t that unusual.

Warmest May “Evah”? No, That Was In 1833

Spot the warming effect of CO2  — Not:

Central England Temperatures

The legendary data appears to have gone missing sometime in the last three weeks:

Britain enjoying the hottest May since 1772

Tom Peterkin, Telegraph

The average temperature from May 1 to 10 was the highest ever noted since meteorologists first started gathering precise daily data in 1772.

If only all Met Bureaus had  a 359 year thermometer record to selectively sweep so they could meet their mandatory Hottest Ever Headline Quota.

The Agency-of-Data-Amnesia has been reporting the first ten days of May as a national benchmark for at least the last 456 hours. It’s up there with the Hottest EVER Bank Holiday — a climate marker of an era that started when Bank Holiday Weekends were first discovered as long ago as 1978.