UI tenured professor placed on leave

She sounds like a real piece of work.

I have a low view of any “academician” who needs to swear to get a point across. It’s a sign of dishonesty and low intelligence. 

Bennett’s email to university administrators came after she was informed Tuesday of $451.22 in unspent grant money she was unaware of and unable to use.

Here’s a UI faculty member making $65,192 per year, and she’s complaining about $451?

Shortly after speaking out about the handling of University of Idaho grant funding, UI associate professor Denise Bennett was placed on administrative leave effective immediately Thursday evening.

The tenured mass media professor has worked at the university since 2006.

Jodi Walker, UI communications director, confirmed Bennett’s leave Friday morning but could not comment further.

Bennett told the Daily News the placement is most likely a result of an email sent to the university’s administration expressing her disappointment with the handling of grant funds as well as the underfunding and lack of maintenance at the Radio-TV Center on the UI campus.