UI Athletics deficit topped a million dollars last year

01Vandal Metallic 6They’ll have to raise tuition to cover these expenses. 

Oh, wait, they already did that for something else…

University of Idaho Athletics ended the last fiscal with a deficit of over a million dollars.  The Idaho State Board of Education will receive a report on Vandal Athletics fiscal year 2018 finances during its meeting this week.

The department ended the last fiscal year on June 30th with a deficit of over 1.1 million dollars.  That’s the largest athletics deficit among Idaho’s four-year public higher education institutions.

The report to the board includes a comment from staff that state funds are critical for athletics.  The report states that traditional revenues like ticket sales and donations aren’t enough to make athletic programs self-supporting.  Staff notes that if state dollars were removed from athletics every department in the State of Idaho would have had a deficit last year.  Without state support in fiscal year 2018 the deficit for UI Athletics would have reached 5.5 million dollars.  Vandal Athletics spending in 2018 topped 21.5 million dollars while revenues, including state support, reached just under 20.5 million dollars.

The report will be presented to the board during its meeting on Thursday inside the Pitman Center at the UI.

UI Athletics deficit topped a million dollars last year