Trump Pulls out of Paris Climate Agreement

Global Warming

Back in 2009, NRO columnist Kevin Williamson broke down the global warming claims as follows:

“The planet is getting warmer, human activity is a main factor, the consequences will be catastrophic, and some U.N.-style climate policeman is going to be able to manage a mitigating response — in an economically efficient manner that also is consistent with our political liberties and national sovereignties.”

He said that we need to divide the issues (and that paragraph) up into what we agree with:
1. The planet is getting warmer
2. Human Activity is the main factor
3. The consequences will be catastrophic
4. UN climate cops are going to be able to manage the mitigating responses
5. That will be done in an economically and efficient manner
6. That will be done without violating our political liberties and national sovereignty.

The Paris Agreement forces us to swallow that entire paragraph whole.

Does anyone actually believe that Paris will accomplish steps 4-6? And at what cost to us?