Total Solar Eclipse: Cascade, Idaho

I drove down to Cascade, Idaho, this morning to watch the total solar eclipse with my son, grandson, and his extended family. Long, long day. Left at 2:30 am, didn’t get back until 3:30pm. Construction on US-95 north of McCall was terrible for the return trip. 

Here are four of my favorite shots from today’s solar eclipse.

I’ve always wanted to get one with the “diamond ring” effect.

I took them using my Canon EOS Rebel digital camera. For the crescent shots, I held my eclipse glasses over the lens. That’s why they are yellow. Not very high-tech, but it worked. 


IMG 8623

IMG 8655

IMG 8617

IMG 8614

IMG 8608

2 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse: Cascade, Idaho”

  1. Scott Dredge

    I was in Weiser. I was expecting heavy traffic so I left Boise at 4:30am, but it was smooth sailing there and back. Very surreal seeing a total eclipse in person.

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