Thomas Sowell: Ideological Conformity Wrapped In Demographic Diversity

From Thomas Sowell writing  25 years ago in a March 1994 Forbes article the “Multicultural Charade,” where Sowell argues that much could be gained from an honest study of “multicultural diversity,” instead of the “ideological conformity wrapped in demographic diversity” that we usually get:

In the academic world, diversity means black leftists, white leftists, female leftists, and Hispanic leftists. Demographic diversity conceals ideological conformity.


The grand dogma of our times, that groups would be evenly represented in institutions and activities in the absence of discrimination, would collapse like a house of cards from a study of societies around the world.


In the light of this history, who would expect all the groups in multiethnic societies to be evenly represented in all sorts of endeavors? Only the intelligentsia and those who take their dogmas seriously.

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