The Los Angeles Disease Renaissance: Typhoid & Typhus Make A Comeback

Typhoid feverFor liberals, that’s just the cost of doing business. Don’t deal with the root cause. 

As the homeless population in Los Angeles grows, so does the unfortunate revival of many third world diseases…

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through Los Angeles to stem the rising tide of homelessness, a resurgence of medieval diseases has the city – and neighboring states – on edge. Typhoid fever and typhus, borne by fleas, body lice, and feces, are turning the once glitzy and glamorous city into a third-world worthy environment.

Yes, Typhoid Mary is back, in a sense, living on the streets and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting people in the Golden State.

These diseases, along with an uptick in tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and staph, are easily and rapidly spread and have wide-reaching consequences.They’re highly contagious and can infect anyone through casual contact.