The $575 Million Failure of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Teacher Effectiveness Intervention

There is so much wrong with the educational-industrial complex, starting with the fact that it’s not about educating but about indoctrinating and creating drones to be widget-makers.  

Tania A Reynolds on Twitter

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s multi-million dollar teacher effectiveness intervention was largely a failure. The intervention cost $575 million and did not improve student achievement, access to effective teaching, or dropout rates.

‘An Expensive Experiment’: Gates Teacher-Effectiveness Program Shows No Gains for Students

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s multi-million-dollar, multi-year effort aimed at making teachers more effective largely fell short of its goal to increase student achievement-including among low-income and minority students, a new study found. This conclusion to an expensive chapter of teacher-evaluation reform shows the difficulty of making sweeping, lasting changes to teacher performance.