Texas, Ignore The Supreme Court And Enforce Your Abortion Laws Anyway

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It’s time for conservative states to stand up against the federal government by using their 10th Amendment rights. Colorado and Washington State have done it with marijuana laws. Every state has the right to do the same. 

Today, the High Priests of the Supreme Court waved their royal scepters and summarily abolished a reasonable and necessary law passed by the elected representatives of the people of Texas.

After conducting a seance to discuss the matter with the writers of the Fourteenth Amendment, it confirmed that those men meant to protect the God-given, inalienable right of women to procure abortions at unregulated clinics. They just forgot to put that part in there.

Not only do women have a right to execute their children, it turns out, but the right is so sacrosanct that they must not be forced to drive for 45 minutes to obtain one. In other words, women have a right to kill their kids conveniently. I assume it will only be a matter of time before you can order an abortion with a side of fries while you’re in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s. And that, too, will be a “right” embedded in the Constitution, according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and friends.

Predictably, the overturning of the Texas abortion regulations sent leftists across the country into fits of demonic jubilation. Watching the sickening celebration unfold, I half expected to see them erect a temple to Moloch and start sacrificing children right there on the steps of the Supreme Court. But that was a silly thought. It was only the ancient pagans who sought divine favor by throwing their babies into the fire and watching them burn to death. Our modern pagans are more capitalistic. They know the child’s organs are far too valuable to be tossed in the flames. Why incinerate a perfectly good liver if it can fetch 100 dollars on the black market?

Anyway, I certainly can’t say I’m shocked by the Court’s decision. With Justice Antonin Scalia gone, it would have required the Court’s “moderate,” Justice Kennedy, to keep the Texas law in place. But as we’ve seen, there is no distinction between a leftist and a moderate anymore. When it comes to the pivotal cultural issues, the mainstream position and the radical left-wing position are identical. You might say there is no radical left-wing at this point. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say there is no middle. Either way, in the end there’s only the culture and the counter-culture. Anyone who affirms the humanity of the unborn is a member of the counter-culture. Anyone who refuses to affirm it is a member of the collective, passively floating further and further into the moral abyss.