Targets set for cutting UI budget by $22 million

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Provost’s budget, which includes academic programming and IT services to take the largest hit by percentage

The University of Idaho’s Information Technology Services and units under the university’s provost, which includes academic programming, are expected to make the largest budget reductions as the UI tries to mitigate a shortfall expected to balloon to $22 million by 2022.

The budget reduction targets were released in a late-December memo from UI President Scott Green sent to students, faculty and staff. The university’s ITS and provost units are being asked to reduce their expenses by about 13 percent. Meanwhile, research units and the Department of Finance and Administration are being asked to reduce their budgets by 12 percent. The president’s office will reduce its budget by 8 percent.

At a little more $86.5 million, the provost’s unit has the largest budget by far, and UI Communications Director Jodi Walker said not all of it supports academic programing. A 13-percent reduction for that unit amounts to roughly $11.4 million, and Walker said there are places other than programming where department leaders can identify savings. She said about 80 percent of UI’s budget pays for employee salaries and benefits.

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