Survey Research: Idahoans Don’t Trust Federal Government Institutions

Idaho Republicans don’t have much trust in any institution that has to do with the federal government, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

Hey, barely half of Idaho Republicans even have confidence in their own GOP U.S. senators and representatives, the new, comprehensive survey by Dan Jones & Associates finds.

Jones asked on a scale of 1 to 5 if you have confidence in various identifiable societal institutions.

Here are some breakouts along partisan lines – Republicans vs. Democrats:

  • The presidency (remember, this is the institution of the presidency, not necessarily President Barack Obama himself) – 74 percent of Republicans said they have little or no trust in the presidency, while 73 percent of Democrats said they do.

That’s a huge swing.

And clearly Republican Idahoans hold the institution in low regard because of the current occupant, who is not popular in the Gem State.

  • The U.S. Supreme Court – Only 21 percent of Republicans have confidence in the high court, while 70 percent of the state’s Democrats do.

No doubt some recent Supreme Court decisions – upholding Obamacare and making same-sex marriage legal – has something to do with this low opinion by Idaho Republicans.

  • Congress – the survey shows no one in Idaho really trusts this institution. But both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, and 54 percent of Idaho Republicans say they don’t trust Congress; 63 percent of Democrats don’t trust the U.S. House and Senate, either.