Strong/Violent (Categories F3, F4 And F5) Tornado Count In The Us Back To 1954


Recall that we were told (promised!) that tornadoes would become more frequent and more violent due to global warming. 

Last year there were only 12 tornadoes in the US, all category F3 (strong), which is the lowest annual tornado count for the US in more than 60 years of modern records. Further, it was the first year ever in the US that there wasn’t a single violent tornado in the violent F4 or F5 categories. See news reports here from the Washington Post and USA Today, which reported that:

Tornadoes only killed 10 Americans in 2018, the fewest since unofficial records began in 1875 during the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant. The previous record low year for tornado deaths was 1910, when 12 people died, according to data from NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory. In an “average” year, 69 people are killed by tornadoes in the U.S., the Weather Channel said.

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