Sorry Feminists! First Female SEAL Applicant Washes Out…

In all fairness, tons of super tough men wash out of the Navy SEAL pipeline. 

My question: will the navy be forced to lower the bar so that they get a woman thru? After all, the current military is all about the social experiment and not about breaking things and killing people. Via

The woman on track to become the first female Navy SEAL officer has exited the training pipeline, multiple Naval Special Warfare Command sources have confirmed to Task & Purpose.

The female midshipman, an ROTC junior at an unnamed U.S. college, was the elite SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection (SOAS) program’s first female entrant … “No women have entered the full training pipeline just yet,” a Navy official [said]. “She didn’t make it to BUD/S.”

The entrant, one of a handful of female applicants … appears to have exited the training pipeline after completing just half of the command’s screening evaluations.

The first female officer candidate represented a significant milestone for a service branch that had, until the 2015 Pentagon guidance, excluded women from the SEALs and SWCC community.