Sen. Bernie Sanders’ top 2016 campaign adviser accused of sexual misconduct

Is it that the higher up in power, the more likely someone is to commit sexual crimes? Or more likely to get caught because of scrutiny? 

A top aide for Bernie Sanders is being accused of sexual misconduct during his time in the Vermont senator’s 2016 presidential campaign.

50-year-old former convention floor leader Robert Becker has been accused of telling a 20-year-old subordinate he wanted to have sex with her and forcibly kissing her during the final night of the Democratic National Convention. The victim did not formally report the incident at the time, but said she’s now coming forward to ensure this doesn’t happen again in 2020.

This comes just a week after Sanders acknowledged his campaign failed to handle allegations properly.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you we did everything right in terms of human resources,” said Sanders. “In terms of addressing the needs that I’m hearing from them now, that women felt disrespected, that there was sexual harassment, which was not dealt with as effectively as possible.”