Seattle Mayor Defended Activists In ‘CHOP’ Zone As Having ‘Summer Of Love’; Then They Came To Her House

Jenny Durkan scaled

Everything was fine with CHOP as long as it didn’t affect her. Then it had to be stopped. 

Seattle Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan previously defended the left-wing activists who camped out in a so-called “autonomous zone” for a couple of weeks, saying that they were having a “summer of love.” Durkan’s rhetoric about the activists, including a councilwoman who’s helping lead them, changed dramatically after they showed up to her home to “protest.”

Durkan had announced last week that Seattle was going to begin dismantling the “CHOP” zone after multiple acts of violence broke out in the police-free area, including multiple shootings.

After Durkan announced that the area would be getting closed down, far-left Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant reportedly led a protest at Durkan’s home, the address of which is confidential due to security concerns.

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